a childhood dream

21 Feb

Ever since I was just a young girl, I dreamed of falling madly in love and spending the rest of my life with my significant other. My grand yet not so grand wish was to have a family which, of course, consisted of my loving husband and the direct replicas of us running, laughing, and growing at the house that would turn into a life-long memory. Because of these thoughts and goals for the future, I did not take any relationships lightly. Evidently, I am still happily in a relationship with the boy who took away my first kiss in senior year of high school.

Five long years have passed. There were ups and downs in our relationships that tore at our hearts, but we made unspoken vows to never say, “let’s break up” in spite of anger. This promise has brought us thus far as we persisted to respect each other, care for one another, and be sensitive to each others needs.

My wish for this blog is to bring to those- the curious, the broken hearts, the pessimists and the optimists of relationships, encouragement and inspiration by sharing the lessons I’ve learned from every good and bad, I’d like to call it, adventures. I promise to be honest and connect with the readers on an intimate level.

I hope you enjoy “our”(since I will have to use Mike for every aspect of this blog) blog!

(pictured on July 12th 2010, celebrating Mike’s 21st birthday)


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